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Kalpavriksham, also known as the world tree, is known for its divine fruits and leaves which fulfill all desires a person could have. We at Kalpavriksham want to fulfill the wishes of everyone around us, spreading happiness and joy, making the dreams of everyone come true.

The Team and our Mentors/Well-wishers


TS Manasa Kalyan from class 10 of Hari Sri Vidya Nidhi School , drastically helped with the planning and logistics of the work done by our organisation.. Her compassion towards all living things helped us tremendously.



Known for his passion for the environment, T.S Rishikesh Kalyan of class 12, studying in Hari Sri Vidya Nidhi School, had a drive to make the world a better place and thus started Nearly all of the work done by the NGO is his perserverence to take small steps for a brighter future


Brillis Mathew

Brillis Mathew has been a missionary for over 20 years. He has given talks and directed programs all over the world to strengthen, guide and inspire people of a wide range of backgrounds. He is the co-founder and moderator of the “Community of Grace” which is dedicated to the same mission. Prior to this, he was an enterprising businessman, and still serves as consultant for various businesses. He has a been trained in various fields including engineering, management, leadership, psychology among others.


Abdul G Sait

He leads by example. Dynamic and achievement oriented, Abdul G Sait, kick-started his first entrepreneurial initiative- a risk and wealth management company, Basket Option Pvt Ltd. during his 2nd year MBA in 2004.

A serial entrepreneur since then, he has to his credit over 10 plus successful ventures, each speeding towards category leadership position in their respective domains.

A strategist with a great positive outlook, his strength lies in getting together the best team. ideation and mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs. With his "go-getter" drive he creates a contagious work ethos that is upbeat, bullish and goal driven.

Highly respected in industry circles for his innovative initiatives, business acumen and trailblazing success, Abdul prefers to attribute his achievements to his fundamental belief- 'First the person grows, then the business"

An outstanding orator, he has been a distinguished speaker in top B-schools of India, inspiring all those he meets. Abdul, is also an active member of forums like TIE, NHRD, Rotary club and prides himself in representing India as the Cultural Ambassador to Canada as a part of Rotary Club's Cultural Exchange Program.


Jothi Jain

An inspiring women and a philanthropic human being. Someone who has inspired many, limited not just to women, people in her industry or her immediate social circles, but also to those whom she has interacted briefly, and those who have heard about her.

Some of her inspiring achievements are mentioned below in brief.
- MBA Topper (not limited to just academics)
- Karnataka Women Entrepreneurship Award
- Most Inspiring Women Entrepreneur Award
- Built a company from scratch (1000 sft to 30000 sft space) in a short span of 3 years
- Incubated more than 5 successfully running companies
- Part of a start up incubation venture launching over 40 different companies across various industries
- Philanthropist par excellence

The above mentioned are not the only things that draw people to her. She is an intellectual with wisdom of the ages. The learnings that she shares come through years of soiling and hard work, attracting people of all ages to her persona and aura. She not only motivates people but also builds a sense of aspiration within them which drives them to fulfill their dreams. Her magnetic energy and passion spreads like wildfire wherever she goes. Her humble nature has kept her away from the limelight of adding to a never ending list of awards and accolades bestowed upon her, which she modestly declines.

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D.R Cijo Jos

Educational Achievements
Bachelor of Dental Surgery from Bangalore University 2000
Trained and Certified in Oral Implant Surgery 2008
Trained and Certified in B.P.S dentures at International Centre for Higher Dental
Education at Schaan-Switzerland in 2009
Trained and Certified in Aesthetic Dentistry and Full mouth rehabilitation from
New York University, USA in 2011

Acting Achievements:
Acted in noted roles in movies such as
1. Punnyallan Agarbathis
2. Vellimoongha
3. Varsham
4. Su Su Sudhi Vaathmeekam
5. Aby
6. Raamante Edhenthottam
7. Punnyallan Pvt. Ltd
8. Njaan Marykutty and
9. Ellaam Sheriyakum (yet to be released)

 He also founded UAC, an

 NGO which greatly helped reduce the impact of

the Kerala Floods.

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